Saturday, July 11, 2009

have you heard

have you read mimos post? "beware seriously"
yes I know I left out penguins as the first word.
well now all over the world they are scammin you.
like one of the neopet things are you get a cheat... but theres a catch you have to give them username and password.
well I CANT BELIVE IT!!!!!
anyways on ROBLOX now everyone knows I have a blog it is getting famous robloxians tell everyone you know that I will be givin ROBLOX help.
no not cheats help tell builderman and all admins to know that I have a help blog it is not cheats though.
one little help thing:you cant get free tickets and robux for commenting on a post.
if you do keep it secret.
yes yellow a native robloxian color.
if you haven't heard of roblox ( which you should have ) here is the link of ROBLOX.
it is sweet!

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